At the 4th Industrial Revolution, Data is the core growth engine of future development.
With the start of the 5G era, data is growing exponentially due to the expansion of
new businesses such as cloud, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and IoT.
Data centers are becoming increasingly important to handle and accumulate the data.
Cloud data centers are also expanding due to the development of cloud computing
technologies due to the growth of ICT technology and increased demand for services.

Korea is relatively safe from earthquakes and natural disasters and additionally,
the stable power supply, becoming a core of the data center.
Korea is the key leader in the IT industry, which makes more advanced Data center
service in the world.

To keep up with these new data center trend, experts with Refrigeration and
Air Conditioning Technology, High Performance Computing (HPC)
server manufacturing experts and multi-year data centers
operation experts allied with one SOLIS IDC to build a high power data center.
Now, we are building data centers in key domestic locations.

Our SOLIS IDC is the leader in breaking new paradigm in the data center.


  • 01 Chungnam Library
  • 02 Province of Chungcheongnam-do
  • 03 Chungnam Police Agency
  • 04 Doore Village
  • 05 Soettong-guli park
  • 06 Boseong Elementary School
  • 07 Duksan High School
  • 08 Mogli 3 reservoir
  • 09 Jungheung S-class Apartment
  • 10 Singyeong detention pond
  • 11 New town Promotion Center
  • 12 Jing-geom dali pond
  • 13 Jamiwon
  • 14 Lotte-castle Apartment
  • 15 Starclass central Apartment
  • 16 Sinri 1 reservoir
  • 17 Hongseong High School
  • 18 Naepo Middle School
  • 19 Naepo Harrington place Apartment
  • 20 LH Starhills Apartment
  • 21 Hanul Elementary School
  • 22 Naepo 119 safety center
  • 23 Naepo Moa-Elgaa Apartment
  • 24 Keangnam honorsville Apartment
  • 25 Garam Village
  • 26 Saemgol reservoir
  • 27 Hasin reservoir
  • 28 Jidong reservoir
  • 29 Jigyeong3 reservoir
  • 30 Naepo Hydrogen charging station
  • Unification

    Same architectural structure

    Unified air conditioning and

    Electricity and mechanical

  • AI

    Korea's first AI center

    AI Specialized Service

    AI R&D Center

  • Hyperscale

    High Power Data Center(40kW)

    Real Modular Center

    Real Hot swap

  • Redundancy

    Power redundancy

    Wiring, piping, and incoming